herman smorenburg cosmic lovebudhaThe best way to summon your true calling is to put yourself in service to God.

There is magic in this statement made by Marianne Williamson…..why because it is when we are in service to God that we can experience true freedom.  It is a mindset, the way we think…..and yes, then we need to take action that is in alignment with that mindset.

We all wonder at times what our true work is or how we can best use our god given talents, at times we can get very confused about that or find ourselves in situations that don’t seem like they are in alignment with our true calling.  It just doesn’t feel right, or maybe the work feels right but we aren’t being adequately compensated for it.  At the moment when we realize that, we can turn to prayer and ask again for alignment in our work, our compensation for that work and we can rest in the knowing that it will be.

Why not try it, and see where you go?

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