Flower Essence & Vibrational Healing
For over twenty five years I have been studying and working with Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing. The results and effectiveness have been and continue to be fascinating and reassuring.
For more information about Flower Essence Therapy please feel free to call or email me. A Flower Essence consultation is approximately two hours. After listening to your concerns I create a custom blend especially for you. You will be instructed as to how and when to take the formula, what Essences were selected and why. Follow up support, as needed, is included.
Fee: $250
Scheduled by
Telephone: 520-204-1459
email:  [email protected]

Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber
– as called forth by Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow,
“The chambers help us to access wisdom from an ancient source. They act as a mouthpiece for the higher mind to amplify the call for that which we need at this time on the earth, and they help all who walk upon her.”

We offer special private time/teachings or private ceremony in the Peace Chamber, call or email for cost and other details.

Listen to Joseph’s words regarding the Peace Sound Chambers.

Why we drum
To lift ourselves and the collective to a higher vibration. To experience harmony and community.

What to expect
Join me and other like minded people in the Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Chamber for 90 minutes of Shamanic Drumming. Drum along to the beats that I will lead as we travel within allowing spirit to comfort, guide and support us.

Your responsibilities
Bring a drum if you have one but we have many that you can borrow.

The contribution
$15 – $20 suggested donation

Sweat Lodge
Why we Sweat
We enter the sweat lodge for many reasons.  Lodges are places of purification, renewal, learning about one’s self, emotional release, centering the mind and connecting with the spiritual world.

What to expect
Once you enter the lodge you will be seated on Mother Earth. Hot rocks will be brought in and the temperature will rise quickly. Typically we stay in the lodge, praying and meditating, for 60 minutes.
However, if you are finished your prayers early, you simply ask for permission to leave the lodge. Permission is always given. According to tradition a potluck meal is an integral part of the lodge.

Your Responsibilities
We request that you arrive on time. Bring a dish to share after the sweat and a contribution (see below). You will need a towel and a change of clothes. Bring any objects that you would like blessed. They will be placed on the altar just outside of the lodge door.

The contribution
$25 – $35 suggested donation

Fire Ceremony
Why we Honor the Fire
All Peace Chambers hold a Fire Ceremony at 7 pm local time forming a grid of light around the world. We do this ceremony to pray for the waters of the world.

What to expect
This is a quiet ceremony, although we like to do a bit of drumming and chanting before lighting the fire.  It’s more a meditative ceremony than a physical one.

Your responsibilities
Show up! Bring a drum if you have one

The contribution
$5 – $10 donation

Chanting Circle/7 Point Empowerment Movement
Why we chant and do movement
Chanting offers us a way to connect with the divine through using our voices and focusing on particular sounds.

What to expect
The chanting is lead by a member of the community who has studied the teachings of Joseph Rael. We have been studying with Joseph for over 16 years as he has shared these teaching with us. Prior to chanting we will speak about the origins of the chants and what we hope to experience. Martha Boose will also lead a movement practice after Chanting.

What are your responsibilities
Show up!

What is the contribution
$10 – $15 donation

Ceremonial Dances
all dances are based on the vision of Joseph Rael –
Beautiful Painted Arrow

Why we Dance
We dance to understand that we are unique beautiful Light Beings on a unique, lovely path. We dance to seek Inspiration to live a life of high potential.

What to expect
These Dances are non-traditional and do not promote any specific religion or creed. Based on Joseph Rael’s early training he knew that these dances were needed to promote the direct experience of spirit.

Participation in any Dance requires dedication and intention. To discuss if you are ready to dance and what dance may be best for you, please contact me or the Dance Chief.

Your responsibilities
Please contact me or the Dance Chief for all the items you will be required to bring. For the Sun/Moon Dance, it is strongly suggested that you invite a support person to accompany you.

Dance Chief Long Dance
Martha Boose
t: 484-598-3628
e: [email protected]

Dance Chief Sun/Moon Dance
Jane Innmon
t: 520-204-1459
[email protected]

The contribution
Give away for the Long Dance (1 day) is $100
Give away for the Sun-Moon Dance (4 days) is $750