Like many children who grew up in the sixties, I felt that there was so much more than what I was learning at school and church. As I traveled and explored I found many answers and even more questions.

If you too find yourself in a state of exploration and wonder, YaY.

I am a mother, wife, sister, friend and I’ve spent my entire adult life seeking new ways of living a genuine life, many of which are actually ancient. From a year long bio-dynamic training to mystery school with Joseph, I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to study and work with amazing teachers.

Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow ~ has been my teacher since 2002. His teachings have helped me as I’ve guided the sweat lodges that were held at my home in Pennsylvania, as well as the lodge that was completed in 2012 at Sweet Beautiful Waters Sound Chamber in Tucson, Arizona.

Beautiful Painted Arrow has also supported me as I began to Chief the Sun-Moon Dance and host the Long Dance.  

Kay Ferry and Ruth Eichler guided me during a year long training at Sound School in the Peace Chamber at Three Rivers Michigan.

Since 2003 I have danced/attended Sun-Moon Dances and continue to hone deep listening skills and my intuition as I practice meditation and chanting in the Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber.

I’ve also had the privilege of attending a Ten Moon Initiation facilitated by Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming (2008) and advanced Diva Mentor Training (2010) as well as completing a Shʼti Mer Immersion with Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming (2011).  These experiences and training’s prepared me and guide me as I work with women and men to gently reclaim their power.

My practice of Flower Essence and Vibrational Healing is a source of satisfaction and wonder. The results my clients report back with are positive and profound, yet the treatment is extremely gentle.
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And, yes!
I have a pool in my backyard.