I have been called to add a drum to my personal healing toolbox for about 2 years now, but hadn’t found a drum that really spoke to me.

Last year I noticed a post from Jane about a drum making class and I had an immediate calling from my body to make my own drum, although my ego felt intimidated by the idea.

I ignored my trepidation & signed up for the class anyway. I was shown visions of my drum and the medicine of bear. I knew immediately I was supposed to make my drum with bear hide, but it was not available at the time. Jane intuitively guided me to wait for the bear hide to arrive in divine time, and then found the bear hide available for me at exactly the right time!

Jane guided me through the process of co-creating my drum with the medicine of bear guiding me each step of the way. Birthing my personal drum with Jane as the midwife was a deeply spiritual experience.

Jane is a teacher and mentor who is both gentle and firm, funny and serious, leading and patient. She kept me on task and grounded while offering ideas and options for my creative spirit to unfold. She made the whole process feel easy.

My drum birthing experience was profound, and I highly recommend working with Jane if you are called to co create your own music & rhythm with nature in this way. My new drum is now my most sacred tool for personal harmony, grounding my energy and connecting to oneness.
Kristen Watts August 2020 Tucson


Sweetwater Healing
…….experience the inner sanctity of the peace chamber
…….get carried away by drumming
…….contemplate Jane’s teachings
…….lose yourself in a shamanic journey
…….find authentic energy healing
Highly recommend!!
~Beckie Moore
Integrative Nurse Practitioner January 2020

“Jane’s care and tools helped me move through an acute time of healing with intention and support, and gave me a way to keep working through the larger generational connections. Jane has lived everything that she says, which is one of the many reasons I trust her intuition and her feedback. Grateful.”
Mindy, Tampa Florida

“What could flower essences possibly do to reduce my anxiety, create a more conscious perspective or shift old beliefs? Apparently more than talk therapy, acupuncture and yoga could do. I’m not saying other methods are useless, I am simply saying that within days of starting a flower essence formula, designed by Jane Innmon of Sweetwater Healing Arts, specifically for me, I was feeling profound, positive changes. The hardest part of the treatment is realizing that all I have to do to make it work is to take the formula. That’s it.”  Amy, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

“I was dealing with some intense stuff, and Jane’s blends helped me work through old family of origin patterns, and break through to my authentic self.  We worked through the year in layers, treating with essences the issues that were ready to be worked with, then adjusting as they were handled to reveal the next layers.  All through it, Jane herself was a great support, coaching and consulting spiritually as the essences supported my process.”
Carla, Hope Maine

I would like to sincerely thank you for the blend you chose for me —  It was just what I needed! The first week of taking the flowers as prescribed, I began noticing subtle changes in my feelings, mood & outlook in general… I say subtle, but in retrospect it was quite dramatic!  Many spiritual insights were gifted to me, my intuition is so vivid, my knowing & understanding of ‘things’ is clearer. My sense of self love is growing and my acceptance of ME is almost constant.  I can’t thank you enough for your kind gift and I am in awe of the loving, healing power of flowers.
Leesa, Denver Colorado