I give a lot of thought to communication and community, to how that works for me (or doesn’t) as the case may be.  I can get caught up in some old patterns and let it affect my communication with my husband or other loved ones.  I am probably a bit more careful when talking to those in my community but still and all……I really loved this idea of reverence that Charles Eisenstein speaks of in this piece.  You can read it here.

I especially liked this paragraph:

“To maintain reverence means noticing habits of polarization and judgment that arise in the presence of difficult information or difficult emotions. Even a community conceived as a sanctuary will inevitably mirror the divisions and conflicts of the outside world. The answer is not to avoid them or to plow them over with positivity. Rather, the community can hold them in a non-ordinary way.”

This has been an interesting and difficult year for all of us.  Even if and maybe in spite of being “safe” or healthy or financially ok…..we are still all being affected by the collective energy on our planet right now.  We may find ourselves depressed or weepy or agitated.  I’ve been all of those things this year and I’m lucky to have a very solid support system or friends and a very good therapist who helps me explore some old wounds that are surfacing at this time….to be healed I believe.

I’m also hopeful, to see the Christmas Star – this amazing conjunction that you can read about here.  We will be gathering in a very small group to chant for peace and to welcome the sun….then later to view this conjunction and take in the new energy that is pouring in for all of us.  I hope you can too, find a safe place to see it and to pray and welcome a new start.

At this point we are planning on doing our Sun-Moon dance in April.  There is an explanation and invitation here, so take a moment to read about it.  This is a ceremony that changed my life in every way.  If you are interested, let me know.   You are welcome to come here and dance or serve.  If that is not possible, write to me and I can send you the list for where there are other dances taking place around the country and the world.  Obviously, I’m being very optimistic – and things may have to be cancelled if COVID surges and/or things are not safe but I’m choosing optimism right now.  We need these ceremonies now more than ever.

I’m praying that all of you are safe and approaching the holidays with some hope in your heart too.








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