Many years ago, my Teacher, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) received a vision to offer people all around the world an opportunity to perform ceremony. Through this vision, he created the first Sound Chamber where one could experience the true meaning of sound and vibration as it exists in the natural world. He also offered various dances, which were an opportunity for people to connect with Great Spirit. These dances each bring their own unique vision and energy to a Dancer but they are all meant to help us grow, to become visionary’s in our own right and to experience the divine directly.

When Joseph was ready to retire, he turned the Dances over to his Students to continue caring for them. After many years of preparation through dancing with many different Chiefs in many different locations, and training by doing all the jobs associated with the Dance – I began my journey as a Chief in 2016. 

About the Sun-Moon Dance

The Sun-Moon Dance is a very personal experience. The purpose is to:

* establish our direct connection to God

* honor the Earth Mother and the Sacred Tree of Life

* break through self imposed limitations

* experience love and community

* create Global Peace

The ceremony begins by coming together from Thursday evening to Sunday morning. After a purification Sweat, The Dancer will place clothes and bedding into the arbor and remain there for the duration of the ceremony – dancing, fasting and praying. The Dancer will dance off and on from dawn to dusk with periods of dancing and resting.  Drummers will be singing sacred Tiwa chants as the Dancers move toward the center of the arbor and the sacred Tree of Life.  During the night, all Dancers will rest.

Those who are able to serve, will also receive blessings in that service by supporting those who are dancing. Servers are asked to attend from Thursday thru Sunday, however, if only a portion is available in their schedule, they are welcome to serve in the kitchen.  Those who serve the dance are there to help in whatever way is needed.  Examples are providing towels for the Dancers, help in the kitchen, taking turns at night tending the fire and watching over the Dancers. There are other ways to help too so each server is welcome to give in whatever ways call them. All meals are provided for Servers and support staff during the dance. A grand feast is lovingly prepared for all at the end of the ceremony.

The Dancer’s donation or “give-away” is $750. There is no charge for ceremony itself, but only for the expenses to support the dance. Scholarship money is available to help local dancers and there is always the possibility of doing work exchange for part of the tuition.  Please take the time to make your intention to dance or to serve known to me and also any dietary restrictions you may have. It’s time to plan and prepare to receive all who want to be here.

When you dance, doors open that you would never have expected. I invite to join us this year and welcome any question you may have,

With Love and Light,

Jane  Pel Tah Chief “cultivation of inner wisdom”

“Every dance, every ceremony, is both for you and for the cosmos.” Joseph Rael

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