Freydoon Rassouli-feelingthemuse

Years ago, whenever I had to make a decision no matter how big or small I would seek the council of my friends and sometimes family.  I wanted to know what everyone thought about my direction or idea.  After carefully gathering everyone’s opinions I would then consider and sift through them so I could make a decision.

Recently though I’ve come to see there is really an easier way, I go inside and ask God/Great Spirit my question and wait for my answer.  That’s it!

It’s not as simple as it seems and it is as simple as it seems.  In order to truly listen for the answer’s we have to be able to be quiet, maybe even take time out of our schedules to go someplace to meditate and wait on the answers.  We could go into the Woods or to the Beach, or in my case into the Peace Chamber and simply ask the questions and wait for the answers.

Once we get our yes or no, all other questions or concerns will be addressed.  In the past, I had all my questions lined up……how much will this cost, how much time will it take, who will be involved – on and on.  I felt it was critical to get those questions answered before proceeding.  But last night as I spoke to a group of Sisters I realized we had it backwards.  We need to ask the yes/no question first and then……trust that the resources and time needed will be provided so long as we are in alignment with the Divine….in ourselves.  This is a paradigm shift but I’ve had a little experience with the idea and I know it works.  It just came into sharp focus for me yesterday.  Trust in our Divine guidance is a prerequisite……and the courage to act is another.

Lets have fun!

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