Holly_Sierra-Sarasvati-221x328Has it ever happened where you are sort of plugging away at something (work, a business or something else) and suddenly it all just feels wrong?  You are wondering what/why you’ve been chasing the dream in a particular way?  Listening to others whom you think have achieved something you want?

Then you find yourself in confusion, you thought after all, that you had it figured out….you just had to keep doing the things everyone said you HAD to do if you were going to get results but it’s just not working.  You aren’t having fun, or experiencing joy, you feel flat and like something is off……maybe way off, maybe only a little off.

That is an interesting place to be.  You can ask yourself the questions or you can panic and jump into the next thing.  I think it’s more beneficial even if more uncomfortable to be in the Void, the place of not knowing but waiting…..for internal guidance on what your next steps might be.  Maybe you don’t feel like you have the time for that, there are bills to be paid and other things to attend to but I’d encourage you to wait for those Whispers as much as you can.  That is where the real juice is, the real direction.  It’s scary as hell to sit in the Void for a day or a week or a month…..cause you have to TRUST, that the answers will come.  You have to trust that there really even is internal guidance to be had and that that guidance is going to be so much more accurate than listening to all the other voices outside clamoring for your attention!

Give it a go for as long as you possibly can, do ceremony, ask for guidance and wait – listen and then act.  We are in this time now as we approach the Full Moon this month…..the energy of it supports us in our quest if we can just be patient.


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