CillaConwayswan-lgDid you ever get news that scared the begeebes out of you? News like – your husband might not have a job in a few months, or you may have some health condition or something is wrong with a loved one?

I’ve noticed in the last few years, that when I get those kinds of news….my heart rate goes up and I go right into full panic/stress mode.  You may say “well of course, that is the natural response”, and I suppose it is, but I did not used to have this response.  I seemed more resilient and able to accept whatever news I’d just gotten.  I’d problem solve most likely, that is where I go first.

But what I see now is that maybe my default should be surrender and knowing that all is well even when on the surface of it, it doesn’t seem that way.  What is fine about losing a job, or having a health problem?

Fear is the opposite of love, the opposite of trust and what I really want is to dwell in a place of love.  No matter what gets thrown at me in life.  I want to just be in that place of knowing, that all is well.  I am cared for, I am listening to Great Spirit and living my life in a good way and that is a worthy goal.

It is NOT easy to do that, but it is good to be able to say that perhaps not long after that moment of panic you see there might be a new door opening or a new opportunity being presented in the midst of the possible disaster you saw at first.

Bigger even than that is living in a place of trust and inner peace knowing that “life is but a dream” and we have a place inside that is eternal and not subject to the whims of the physical world.  That’s where I want to be.

Image by Cilla Conway

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