The Field of Plenty

Field of Plenty,
Abundance for all,
No hunger…
No more pain.

Great Mystery holds
Earth’s Children dear,
And feeds them with
Eternal Flame.

Children of Earth, trust again!
Be grateful and give praise!
The Field of Plenty will remain
To sustain us all our days.

From Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams

When the Native Americans are in need of some tool or the services of a skilled person, they give thanks to the Field of Plenty for the manifestation of the needed item before it actually appears. The Field of Plenty always has a way of putting the needed item into the hands of the person who needs it. The keys to manifesting what is needed are gratitude and trust, balanced with action.

The last line above really says it all. Gratitude and trust, balanced with action. There is so much writing out there telling us how easy it is to manifest abundance or to create something in physical reality that we only have a “Vision” of and yet, it takes focus and maturity to master gratitude and trust along with action.

It is something that must be practiced again and again since our minds want to hold on to the fear and doubt.  We must be vigilant in rooting those things out and holding that trust and most of all gratitude in our hearts and minds.

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