Holly_Sierra-Madre_Natura-299x214More and more as I contemplate my work on the land here in Tucson and in the Peace Sound Chamber I realize what a profound resource I have in the Peace Chamber.  The Chamber called me and I changed my whole life to answer that call……she continues to call me.

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about my work and about the Chamber and he used the analogy of a baby. When we look at a baby we feel so tender, so loving, so protective – and we want to take good care of that child.  Similarly, he suggested I could look upon the work I am called to do as I would that baby, tenderly.  There was something about that idea that helped me see that I am birthing my work and this work needs to be held and grown with love.

When thoughts come up that stop me, I can take a look and with as much love as I gaze at the child I can look at that thought and inquire about it.  I can simply acknowledge it and move into a place of trust, I can ask where it came from knowing that this thought is just holding me back.  This is not as easy as it seems but the analogy of the Peace Chamber and the Baby can bring that softness to my heart, that tenderness for myself and allow me to move away from ideas that don’t help me to move forward.  The analogy of the Baby and the Chamber may not be the one that brings that feeling of compassion into your heart but find that one that does and use it!

Take some time to feel that gentle tenderness for yourself so you can continue to walk the path you are called to – without fear and doubt.

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