We are approaching “dance season” and my heart is feeling the call to the Dance.  April 15-18th of 2016 we will be having the first of what I hope are many Sun-Moon dances on this precious land in Tucson Arizona. This year Kristen Bissinger (the Chief in PA and one of my mentor’s) will be chiefing and I will be co-chiefing.  I went to PA last year to be in the Arbor to be taught by her and the teachings continue this year.

The very first time I was at a Dance I knew something extraordinary was happening, and I wanted in! I wanted to know more.  That was in 2003 and I’ve never looked back.  Maybe you too will be called to Dance and take part in the incredible opportunity to commune with Great Spirit in this unique way.

You might wonder why I’m talking about this so far in advance, and there is a reason.  If you are new to the Dances it may take some time to prepare and to gather all that you will need to participate on all levels.

What is the Sun-Moon Dance? The Sun-Moon Dance is a four-year commitment. Your personal commitment will be honored here on the land surrounding the Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Chamber in the tradition of Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, beloved and respected author, visionary, mystic, and medicine teacher born of the Picuris Pueblo tribe of NM and the Southern Ute tribe of CO.

By praying, dancing, fasting (no food or water) and resting we heighten our awareness and allow ourselves the opportunity to be saturated in the essence of all Life.

Each dancer has a personal space in the circular arbor surrounding the Tree of Life in the center of the arbor. Dancers repeatedly dance to the center to receive, turn and dance out to give back to all our relations. Dancing, resting and fasting from Friday evening to Monday morning is a give-away for the generations before and the generations to come and so that “the people may live”. The Sun-Moon Dance is a powerful initiation into relationship with the Divine and “all our relations”.

Each dancer dances in his/her own style toward the Tree of Life and back to their spot in the arbor and the drummers chant and drum on a large drum for periods of time lasting about 20 minuets and more. Dancers then rest within their arbor space for similar periods of time. Alternately they dance and rest from sunrise to evening when they sleep in the arbor. 2-4 Drummers drum and sing Tiwa sacred songs to support the dance and the dancers, their support people and a crew of Dog Soldiers protects the space and handles the physical needs of the dance and dancers.

This is your first invitation to consider Dancing in Tucson Arizona this coming year. The give-a-way for the Dance is $750.  There are many ways to handle the give-a-way and one is to make your commitment and start sending the Chief money each month, another would be to put that money into a savings account so you have it by the time the Dance arrives.  Another option is to seek a partial work exchange or just pay the full amount.  There is no way to put a price on what it means to do this Dance… is truly priceless.  From the very first time I was at a Dance Arbor and felt the energy of the Dance I had no question but that I would find the money to Dance.

If you are called to Dance then we ask that you send a deposit by March 15th to help with preliminary expenses and to pave the way with your intentions and with concrete action.  Once you decide, it will help to begin to consider who you would like to bring to support you in the Dance – it is a great gift to be asked to support someone in a Dance.

Each of us must ask inside if we are called to this Dance.  Please contact me with questions or with your commitment to Dance.

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