eternalflamefrancenehartLast weekend I went to a place I’ve never gone before to do my Sun/Moon Dance.  I knew a few people, maybe 5 or 6 of the 40 or more that were there!  None-the-less, even though I did not know all of the people serving or Dancing it was still family, we were still connected.

It is that way really whether we are at a sacred ceremony of out in the world, we just ARE all connected.  When we participate in Ceremony we get to experience that connection with Divine and with each other easily because we’ve all come together to experience Divine! But I say, it is just as easy when we are home and out in the world.  We can look at all the people who cross our paths knowing we share the same Divine Spark and treat each other accordingly, with respect and kindness.

In a Dance you see the pattern as we move up to and back from the Center, it is beautiful to watch each Dancer as he or she struggles or experiences joy or laughter or tears.  It is their authentic expression as they give themselves over to reaching for Great Spirit through their effort.

It is a gift and an honor to make this effort, for ourselves and for all the People.  If you can, if you are called, listen to your heart speak and say YES.  Go Dance or do Vision Quest.  Do whatever it takes to foster your connection to Great Spirit and to all the people in your life.  Things still happen, scary things or disturbing things.  Having the connection to your brothers and sisters does not mean that the answer to every query is yes, sometimes it is no and it is important to listen and honor the no as well as the yes.

I am grateful for each of you no matter how well I know you….we are connected.  Aho!

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