Quantum Leaps

IMG_1293 IMG_1288Can an ordinary person have a Quantum Leap?  We tend to think that its only extraordinary people that have them, that regular folk can’t or don’t.  We just plod along day to day.

But we can have Quantum Leaps in our thinking, you know why? Cause Great Spirit is talking to all of us, sending us moments of inspiration.  The trick is taking that flash of inspiration and doing something with it, taking action.  We may not know exactly what action to take but that’s ok, just take some action any action.  It moves the energy and creates momentum.  If we keep doing that, we will find that we can in fact transform our lives.

Sometimes it feels like we are wading in molasses or sludge if you will, it is so damn hard to get anywhere that it’s tempting to stop trying, but maybe just maybe if we create enough momentum we can create change.  Our souls are calling for it, they are crying for a Vision.  So listen to that next flash of Inspiration from Spirit, then follow it…and see what happens.

These pictures are my Quantum Leap.  They are pictures of the Peace Sound Chamber here in Tucson AZ.  Read more of this story on the Peace Chamber page.

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