I just returned from 6 days in CA at the Sun-Moon Dance. There were 30 dancers in the Arbor and that many and more outside supporting the Dance. Every single time I try to write about the Dance, words fail me. It is damn near impossible to convey the beauty and power of it.

Every single person there was in the vibration of love…every. single. person. It was a love fest! It was hard and at times the power of it was overwhelming – to the point that I had to go lay down before my head blew off.

I made a Venus and Mars infused water on Friday morning in the Arbor at the moment they were conjunct. It was used on Sunday and given to every person there, to help us bring our masculine and our feminine into balance. I got to tell the dancers about the painting Joseph made of the Morning Star Water Blessing Ceremony and how I made that water for our Dancers this year.

I also forgot to bring it to them as I intended and then I realized Spirit had a plan for me to make the Venus and Mars balanced water and this celestial event was taking place the morning the Dance began!

It was received by each dancer with gratitude and later I was allowed to go in and dance one round with them. There are so many instances of joy and beauty and power in a dance and this is just one of them.

By Monday afternoon most everyone had gone but those of us who were left had the chance to laugh, to decompress and share deeply our experiences of this dance.

I implore you, if you can, DANCE – it will change your life, you will fall in love.

This Art piece was done by my beloved teacher Joseph Rael.

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