Life can be complicated. With many decisions large and small that must be weighed, but do they really need so much weighing? Or is there another way? Perhaps we can ask Great Spirit for the answers – big and small – for the actions – big and small that we need to take each day.

It is a huge challenge to do things this way and scary too but it is just so brilliant to try, even when we fail some of the time. When we listen to the Whispers from Great Spirit and act upon them, there is a certainty we have, a knowing that something is just right about what we are doing. There is something we can trust.

This week’s challenge: Try for 1 week to follow all your Spirit Guidance. Be quiet, ask, act…if your Guidance tells you to go to the store at a certain time, do it! You just never know whom you might meet.

Many years ago as a member of a women’s circle we took a month and promised to listen to our inner guidance and do whatever we were instructed, just as an experiment.  One woman got a hit that she should go to Kinko’s to get some marketing materials printed for a project she was working on – right now.  She went when told, and as she was standing in line she met a person who was interested in her project.  It turned out to be a very valuable connection.  If she had ignored Spirits guidance and gone a half hour later, she would not have made that contact.  These big and small things are what can result in a magical, synchronistic life!

Since Building Paah cho eh Peace Sound Chamber I’m doing this more, especially when it concerns decisions pertaining to the Chamber itself.  It seems easy really because it is so obvious that decisions having to do with the Chamber need a higher input than just me!

I’m offering some new things here at our land such as a private drum making OR a private Flower Essence consult.  My vision for these offerings are that you would come and stay in our Airbnb room one night or maybe two so we could do our work together.  You would also have some time to explore Tucson a bit if you’d like.

It would be $250 for the drum teachings including all materials for a 14” elk, deer or buffalo drum, plus $100 for the room the 1st night, with a discount for the second night if you choose to stay.  The cost for the Flower Essence consult would be the same, except we would do ceremony in the Peace Chamber and you would receive your personal formula with a follow up session via phone. To see my Airbnb room go here.

Drumming is an activity that lifts us to a higher vibration, done in the company of others it is even more powerful.  It is a deep, fun and sweet ceremony to make your own drum, truly it is. The flower essences are capable of transforming old emotional patterns and your essence will be made tailored to your personal issues.  Call or email me if you want to explore one of these options for yourself.

My prayer is that you find a way to keep your soul lifted in a way that feels good to you.

In Joy and with love,

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