For the true human, the first thing is to find out how to listen. Listening is different from seeing. Seeing, and the eyes, were created so we could move into things and through things. The ear, on the other hand, was created for the art of giving. One of the attributes of the ear is the giveaway; to give into the effort of giving, to give into effort itself, the effort we can find in the toil of work in our lives. When we are listening, we are giving. When we are giving of ourselves, we are strengthening the work-listening-seeing aspect of ourselves. We are listeners to people’s cosmic needs. First, we listen to what needs to be done, then we use our eyes to see what needs to be done. But if we start trying to see what needs to be done we will miss the point and we will not really touch the basic humanity of the situation that is talking to us at that moment in time. So it is important to be sensitive to what qualities the ear brings and what qualities effort brings. Effort in the toil of our daily work is the food the planet earth eats for its survival.

Being and Vibration – Joseph Rael

There is so much to consider in this little piece of writing, so much…I think of all the many situations in my own life that would benefit more if I listened more and waited to see what was needed. Then perhaps, I could give what was really needed instead of what I thought was needed.

There is also the great gift we all feel when we experience the simple act of being heard and witnessed. In that moment of listening we can give a gift to the person we are listening to by taking it one step further and listening to Great Spirit to see what they might need instead of listening to our own thoughts.

The more I study with Joseph’s teaching, the more I Dance and do ceremony, the more profound and peaceful and directed my life becomes. Aho

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