childrenflyingbaloonsFrom Being and Vibration – Joseph Rael

“When a new idea calls our attention to its reality, what is going on is that the energy wants to lift us.  It starts to lift us from where we were at to a higher place where we can become what we are going to become next.  That is the very nature of one of the mysteries of vibration.

What is interesting about this lifting energy is that when it happens to us, it also happens to other people who are also being lifted as well without necessarily being conscious of the process.”

So the real question in my mind is, are you aware when new ideas call you?  Do you or can you act on them to allow this new Vibration, this energy of lifting, help you to become the next best thing?

It isn’t so easy is it?  We are held back by shame or idea’s that “who are we” to act on perhaps a big new idea?  We are the ones Spirit is calling.  Do your old wounds keep you from acting on it?  I know I want to act on that inspiration, I know it is Spirits promptings – asking me to become more of who I am meant to be.

Sometimes we need a Mentor or a Guide to help us overcome the shame or other mindsets that are holding us back.

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