I’ve learned a valuable lesson, one that I’ve been taught before and I hope it sticks this time! For me, it’s all about clearing the air when something untoward happens. If someone talks trash about you, or misbehaves – especially during ceremony or other sacred times it is very very important to address it when it happens or shortly after that.

What happens when we don’t? It festers – that’s what and it colors and impacts all future interactions you have with that person and with others. In my own head, I can justify it especially if some time has gone by and I’m not as bothered, it’s easier to think I’ve got it handled when in fact I don’t. It’s still there. After all who looks forward to those types of conversations? Basically no one! Not me for sure and yet I notice that the irritation will come out sideways, and in my interactions with other people. That negative energy is still there undischarged and it will find a way to be expressed, just maybe not a way that is helpful to you or those around you.

It is becoming more and more important to make sure we are impeccable with our words and our actions and that they are in alignment. The time for subterfuge and misalignment between our thoughts and how we show up in the world is over. We all have to have the courage to show up and be our most authentic selves.

We are still doing our good work here in Tucson and if you want to work with me one on one that can be arranged in many different ways. I hope you are giving some thought to stepping into the Dance Arbor here next April, it is a life changing event and well worth the effort it takes to make it happen.

I wish you all many good blessings and easy lessons in life!

in joy and with love,

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