sagradomoongatheringWhen we dance we can work on healing our pasts and by healing our pasts we heal our future, for ourselves and for our children and their children. Aho

Space is what is curving time. And that is what is creating gravity – that dialog between time and space. When we dance we expand the light over and over through time. When people leave the dance, they may think they are still in the same place, but actually, they’ve grown from where they were when they started out because of the effort they’ve made over time.

Whatever we send from the center, such as love and forgiveness, we send them into the past and the future; they curve back in and return to the center.
Joseph Rael – SOUND

Simple words – profound teaching. It is not too late to come dance in the Long Dance this year September 17th/18th or to begin to plan on coming to the Sun-Moon Dance next May.

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