Full Moon Capricorn Drum Ceremony – 7/2/15

So once again, I approached the Sound Chamber for Peace, above and looking down, looking into myself, as I moved toward the steps. Now, as I survey the land, I see the frame for the sweat lodge, the pit where the Grandfathers have been laid, and the fire that was built in reverence and ceremony. Many prayers have floated in and through these elements.

As I gaze to the right of the Chamber, there is the tremendous Dance Arbor, initiated from vision into creation and form. More than this, now, parading across the Arbor are 4 deer, turning slightly, as they hear my approach – not with fear, but with knowing the ritual, which is to be performed. They are setting the stage, greeting and bringing in, each of the 4 sacred elements – air, water, earth, and fire. Bringing in each of the directions, as they spread across the space – East, South, West, and North. Moving at their own pace and rhythm, as we will come to do, in this sacred space. Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh, Uh – leaving the Arbor through the Center of All That Is.

Now we move in one motion, the Women, who have gathered to Drum their Drums in Blessings for Full Grandmother Moon. It is the Moon of Capricorn, a challenging Moon, full and desiring Our Change, Our Opening, Our Acceptance of All that We Are. The Oneness of All Beings. Aho.

Smudging, hugging, laughing greetings fill the Chamber, as we find our places – 11 to sit together in the Power of Sound – Vibration, at once, Before, Now, and Forever More. The drum begins and spreads to each of us and ours, sounding together. Unified. Whole. Strong. Resilient. Filling us, as filling the space. To the far reaches of all the solid mass, returning to Center, bathing each and every one with the Glory, the Grace, the Promise of Peace and Everlasting Love.

We played our instruments, ourselves, one another, and the Chamber. We filled it so that with the last set, we took it outside to the Dance Arbor. We watched the beautiful sky color bright, expressing to us the absolute nature of our vibrations in a vision, now carved into each of our hearts.

We came. We opened. We drummed. We shared. We left with so much more, than that which came with us. This will be passed to others along the way, until we are one in breath and sound. Aho.

Martha is a part of our growing community and a valued one….Jane


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