Sadness, grief, joy, connection…..these are all things I experienced last night when I slept in our beautiful Dance Arbor. This year, we had to cancel our dance.  We didn’t have enough support but I’m discovering more than that, it was and is very important for me to pay attention to what I need too. As I cried, drummed, blew my whistle and listened…..I heard the quiet of the desert, the noises of others that were near – saw the stars and enjoyed the sounds of the morning birds as I sang to the sun.

In my love of the Dance and my commitment to offering these ceremonies and ways to pray I sometimes overlook how I’m really feeling.  My tendency is to push through, not to stop and ask what I need.  Sound familiar? I bet it does to most woman anyway.

So now I’m on a quest to see how I can honor my desire to offer these ceremonies to others in a way that honors my own physical and spiritual needs.  As my dear friend Kristen said “yes is an answer and no is an answer” and sometimes it’s a no.

It might be in the no that a wider vision opens up, it might be in the no that the pause gives new insights or new ways to do things.  It’s ok to take breaks, to nourish myself and in so doing I will give others permission to nourish themselves too.

I’m dreaming into reality new ways to connect with others…..private Flower Essence consults while enjoying a night in our Airbnb room, or a personal drum making while in our space, sounds good to me and I think it might sound good to others.  We get to connect deeply – one on one and be on this sacred land pursuing healing though connection and physical interaction,

Time shall tell how this all unfolds, but I’m certain that in this pause there will come ways to move forward that are good for me, and good for all who show up here.



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