whitebuffaloWe all have situations from time to time that cause us a lot of emotional distress and I might even say grief and pain.  Usually it is with people who are very close to us.
Recently, when this came up again for me I reached for the Animal Cards and Buffalo came to me that day.  There were many beautiful things said about abundance and prayers being answered but there was one particular passage that jumped out at me and I knew that was my message.  It went like this:
This could portend a time of recognizing the sacredness of every walk of life, albeit different from your own. To honor another’s pathway, even if it brings you sadness, is a part of the message that Buffalo brings. This may be a time of reconnection to the meaning of life and the value of peace.  Most assuredly this time will bring serenity amidst chaos if you pray in earnest for enlightenment and the power of calmness and give praise for the gifts you already have.
Buffalo medicine is a sign that you achieve nothing without the aid of the Great Spirit and that you must be humble enough to as for the assistance and then be grateful for what you receive.
It seems so hard to do this with our loved ones; allow them their own path even when it doesn’t sit well with us.  Sometimes the situation may be even more confused because of past relationships that give the current situation more weight. So how do we sort it all out?
Well, we can pray and use the tools we have – things like Medicine cards or other forms of Divination.  We can take ourselves someplace quiet to give ourselves the time we need to hear what Great Spirit has to offer us in the way of insights.
I know I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the paragraph I wrote above, it brings me comfort in some ways to know that even if it brings me sadness – I can deal with that sadness in a good way and allow that other person or persons to have their own path.  It isn’t for me to say what that path should look like.  I guess in a way, it gives me some time and distance from my own wrong thinking!
This is not easy to do especially if you feel like your heart is breaking! But what we find is that we can go on, we can find a path of balance and respect for the other person. Aho
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