creativefreedomRhondaGraySpiritual growth involves giving up the stories of your past so the universe can write a new one.

Maryanne Williamson

Been thinking of this a lot lately, what does it mean to give up our stories from the past… allow the full awareness that they are in the past and therefore can not hurt us further unless we continue to dwell in that wounded place.

How do we honor all we went through, and at the same time put down the old stories so the Universe can write us a new one.

Perhaps we do a ritual burial of all those past hurts, or a Fire to consume them – it’s important to see and honor all of who we are….but boy oh boy is it time to move on from the wounds.  To claim our divine birthright of Whole-ness/Holi-ness so we can see what work God might have for us to do!  How will you practice allowing a new story to be written for you?

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