dragonflyAt times it may seem almost impossible to overcome our own self limiting beliefs!  Especially if we’ve suffered sexual or other abuse earlier in our lives, but we can get good at recognizing when our own self limiting beliefs hold us back because there is just a certain feeling there that is well known by this point.

Maybe you’ve already overcome lots of obstacles and find yourself in a pretty damn good place in your life perhaps even living the life of your dreams.  Still there is work that is calling you out into the world; a business you are growing or some other work that makes your heart sing and you can taste those limiting thoughts on the tip of your mind.  You know they are there.

So, how do we move past them and fulfill what we may feel is our life’s work, how do we find a way to bring our Sacred Medicine out to the world?  We have to live what we teach, we have to get really good support from teachers and other Guides and we have to gather up the courage that got us this far……and go a little further, and a little further.  Courage my Dears…..it is possible!

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